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Public boot camp

Public boot camp style trainings are conducted year around and at different locations across US and Canada. Make sure to check our training schedule periodically or sign up for our newsletter. Boot camp classes are usually conducted during 3 to 5 day sessions and each day is from 8AM to 5PM concluded with certification exams on the last day of the training. Most of the boot camp classes are conducted at hotel meeting rooms and we recommend our students to stay at the same hotel that the training is.
Some of the features of our public boot camp training:

  • Hands-On experience: The best part about our boot camp training is the hands on experience! We have fully equipped state-of-the-art LABs and equipment available for our students, where they can test their abilities to the max!
  • We never leave you behind: We pay individual attention to all students and our innovatively designed programs ensure that you will be engaged throughout the class! All the practical examples, and situation based problem solving exercises are bound to keep you occupied and entertained.
  • Take the exam within a year: One of the best parts about our boot camp training program is that you don’t need to take the certification exam immediately after the program. Instead, you can practice your skills and take the exam within one year after the training ends! In this case, the certification test must be taken in person at a location where Mikrotik INFO is conducting another training or yearly conferences such as Mikrotik US MUM and WISPAPALOOZA
  •  Get the most in the least time: Our boot camp training programs are capable of equipping you with all the basics, and the advanced skills you are looking for-all that, in the least time!
  • Pay less on your hotel stay: Usually a discounted rate is provided to students who want to stay at the same hotel as the training, so make sure you check the course and class descriptions and look for the “where to stay” section.

contact us or check out our training schedule and get yourself registered in our top-quality Mikrotik training program, today!